Hello! I’m Jonny, I design websites, business cards, clothing, make music and sell flights.

15+ years

Experience in Music & Design

This is my website showing all my different projects and I occasionally post my thoughts. I design all types of websites and also host them online, I design t-shirts and all other types of clothing. More recently I have started to sell flights all around the world as well as DJ’ing and making music.Discover My Work

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It allows digital agencies and creatives of all kinds to create a website that displays their work in a coherent, professional manner. Warhol WordPress theme is highly customisable and offers some 100+ purpose-built content blocks, 24 concept layouts, a range of pre-designed headers, footers, modals and so much more.

The agency layouts are directed toward design studios, digital agencies and freelancers. Create your website and build the portfolio you always wanted!

When designing for Watch OS, keeping in mind the user experience is key. Using larger images and animations will certainly slow down the user experience and lead to a bad rating.

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Tattoos have become a mainstream symbol of art and is no longer a stamp of rebellion or subculture. A ton of people today are getting ink done for a variety of different reasons.

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