About Me

Hello, this is my website which shows what I do on the internet.


I DJ at various places, at times I make music and post it here too as well as on Mixcloud & Soundcloud. If you like i can also make bespoke mixes for your Wedding Day or special occasion. 

If you would like me to make some un-copyrighted material for your own use such as your website or DVD please get in touch.


I design all my own websites and host them myself via Poppy Host - My Web Hosting company. Just this year I have also started a Cheap Flight Search engine, Poppy Holidays - the plan is to add Hotel Search, Car Hire & hopefully see it grow.


Designing Websites has been included above however I can design pretty much anything, Posters for a club night, T-shirts / Hoodies / Baby Clothing. I can either make a unique design for you or your company or you can supply the design for me to print.

Please get in touch with me if you think there's something I could do for you whether it be designing a t-shirt or Business Card or making a bespoke mix for your wedding day.

Jonny x